Trial Placement


  • Chihuahua mix,
  • male,
  • 11 years,
  • 5 lbs.

Where did you go? No worries – I’ll find you! Ramon is a little heartthrob who just wants to be by your side. This tiny bundle of love makes sure that he’s not forgotten about. He is all about snuggling, and will let you know about it if he feels he’s not receiving the attention that he deserves. For such a little body, Ramon makes lots of different noises to be heard!

Ramon is mostly house trained but will need his new family to help him remember in his new home. He still needs to be neutered but luckily hasn’t been marking in his foster home. Ramon is good in the car as long as he’s riding as your co-pilot. He’s also fine being carried in your arms or in his sling. He’s not the best on the leash but he doesn’t run too far away. While his little legs can’t take a long walk, Ramon is more than happy to go along for a ride in his sling – he might even fall asleep! He is very curious about the world but always knows where his person is! He’s good at home with his foster sister and came from a home with 9 other dogs. He is super social and likes to say hi to other dogs when out, so we’re hoping to find a home with a smallish canine buddy for him. We suspect that he would be fine with cats. Gentle, older children only, because of his tiny size.

Ramon is looking for a forever home that has a pile of blankets to burrow under and a person to love on him! He has a luxating patella and we’re waiting to hear if it will need surgery, which Peppertree would cover.