The love of my life had a dog most of his life, and the dog of his life when we met and fell in love was already 10, which was fitting as my love had just turned 70.

But when his friend and guru Maxwell died almost 4 years ago, Tony was content to consider a dog-free hiatus in his life. As time passed and Tony missed the wet nose in the palm of his hand, he took a half-step back toward dogdom by registering with Peppertree Rescue, since they specialized in his Golden Retrievers. At one point a litter of Goldens appeared on the horizon, but we hesitated over the work and training required by a new puppy. Our dog will come, I told him, El Puppo will appear.

And two months ago to this day he did! McDreamy was his name on the Peppertree paperwork, and everything about this 7-year-old good boy reflected the name, from his good looks to his gentlemanly behavior when they met. But the real ‘seal the deal’ moment came when Tony learned McDreamy’s actual name was Max!

While Tony’s kids call him ReMax, the fact is this dog only knows the love and attention of BEINGMAX. I am so grateful for this relationship because they really are wonderful for each other. Thank you Peppertree!

Pooky Amsterdam