Hey there – let me introduce myself – I am Stark – I am with these great folks at New York State Retriever Rescue. They were told I was not good on walks but I sure fooled everyone when they took me out with a harness! Now I sit at every corner and they constantly are asking me to do stuff like “sit”, “stay”, “look”, “down” and I get delicious treats for that. This is soooo easy and fun for me. NYSRR has no fosters right now so at night I am in a small room with a gate. In the daytime, I get to see the other dogs when we are out in our runs. Sometimes, my friends get to go “home” but I am always back again – I would like to go home soon too. I am 3 1/2 years old, smart, obedient and loyal and they say I have lots of potential!

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