Trial Placement


  • Mix,
  • female,
  • 6 years,
  • 59 lbs.

Looking for a calm, middle-aged dog to spend your days with? Sweet and exceptionally well-mannered Starla won’t disappoint. When she isn’t busy napping or sitting in the window and silently judging the neighbors, she enjoys walks, car rides, getting brushed, and checking out new Food Network shows. (She’s a real foodie who’s dieting and is happily approaching her goal weight.)

Smiling Starla is a six-year old mixed breed who is house-trained, crate-trained (although she doesn’t need one) and a champion cuddler. She absolutely loves her people, particularly women. And she has the cutest “pita chip” ears that are all the better to hear you with.

Starla is really the whole package, so you may wonder how she ended up looking for a new home. She’s a well-loved girl and only found herself in need when her owners went into an assisted living facility. It’s been a sad and confusing time for this gal, and there’s nothing she would like more than a new, loving home to call her own. Starla would appreciate a quiet, adult-only home, and one that’s free of kitties. She thinks they’re fun to chase.

Do you have a spot on your couch and a spot in your heart for Starla? Let us know and we’ll be happy to contact you to tell you more about her. We hope we can make a match!