Thank you for giving us the opportunity to open our home to Tallulah. She is such a good girl and we love her so much! She fits right in our family perfectly. It’s funny to see how much she acts like our children. When they wake up in the morning, they ask for a few more minutes to sleep. Tallulah does this too! When I try to call her for breakfast, she looks up a me, yawns, then puts her head back down until the kids and my husband get up. It is like she just goes with the flow and has adapted to us seamlessly. She enjoys playing in the yard with us, multiple walks each day and occasional runs with her Uncle Joey. Tallulah is a fast learner. She already knew Sit and Down commands when she came to live with us. It only took her a short time to learn Shake, and we are working on others such as Heel and Over. I think Stay is going to take a little while longer, but we will keep working on it! We appreciate what you are doing to help dogs in need like Tallulah.