Available Dogs


  • Golden Retriever mix,
  • female,
  • 2 years,
  • est. 55 lbs.

Trixee is an energetic and enthusiastic girl who loves to play with other dogs!  She thinks it is super fun to have them chase her around, and chase them back. She does not seem to understand that not all animals like to be chased though, which is why she is not a match for a home with cats, small animals, or, well, young children. Trixee does best with humans of the sturdy and calm variety. While her picture perfect looks make you think Golden, do not be fooled – that luxurious coat hides some herding dog instincts.  Our Trixee is very sensitive to sounds and movement, and she is fast to bolt, or give chase, which is why a fenced yard is preferred. A fence gives her a safe way to play and be the silly, overgrown puppy that she is. Trixee is crate trained and house trained.  She can get a little anxious in new situations, and was not exposed to much in her past life so she is not the dog to take out and about, but she is the dog who will greet you happily (maybe with some jumping) and make you laugh at her back yard antics.