Available Dogs


  • All-American mix,
  • male,
  • 1-2 years,
  • 47 lbs.

Von is a silly boy who is ready to play! He has lots of puppy energy and would love a female dog around to play with! When he gets excited, he doesn’t just run, he hops to his new playmates! His current foster brother sometimes cares more about fetch than wrestling, but Von is learning a lot from him. Von has found the joy in toys and balls. He loves to chase after a toy and chew on it all day long – you didn’t want it back right? If given the chance, Von would be outside playing all day long. He needs a home with a secure physical fence so there’s a place for him to play and get some of his energy out.

When playtime is over, Von wants to cuddle. He can be found in his dog bed or on the couch, whichever is closest to you! He’s great at supervising any kitchen activities from his bed, as long as he can see you. You may think he’s giving you a side eye for your cooking skills, but that’s just him. Von has a bit of a “unicorn horn” forming which just makes him more special! It doesn’t appear have an impact on him physically but you will see a range of expressions that you likely haven’t seen on another dog! The vet doesn’t think that it is serious and is likely either a birth defect or scar tissue from previous trauma. It doesn’t seem to bother him or cause any issues. It definitely gives him a unique look!

Von is working on his basic commands. He sits on command, especially when treats are involved. You will be surprised how gently he takes treats from you. He’s house trained, with only an occasional accident. Von rides great in the car too! Von can be a little nervous of new situations so only older kids would work in his home.

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