• Min Pin,
  • male,
  • 5 years,
  • 18 lbs.

Pirate is a truly unique spirit! His life experiences have created a one of a kind dog you will never forget, and while he sometimes does things differently, he always does them with flair.  This happy little guy is convinced that he’s really a big guy, and we don’t have the heart to tell him anything different. 

When not showing off his playboy good looks, Pirate enjoys the simple things in life like burrowing in blankets, ear rubs, Wobble Kongs and peanut butter. Pirate has lived in several homes and has done great with all the dogs he has met, although sometimes he will try to shadow box with his canine companions, so be prepared for some shenanigans. He also does well with cats, although when he is feeling brave he will try to play. Pirate is comfortable in his crate, although if he had his way we would put a couch in there for him. The couch is definitely the best place ever and he really enjoys snuggling once he gets to know you. Be prepared though – once he loves you he will follow you everywhere and steal your body heat.  He also steals the covers!  He spends every evening snuggled by his foster mom’s side as they watch TV.

Pirate has high blood pressure which is under control, but some early health complications have left him with some neurological quirks and limited vision in one eye and ataxia that makes him unable to manage stairs – not that he cares, he embraces his differences.  Pirate’s strength comes from his intelligence and joyful love of people, however he is best suited for an adult only home, or a home that has children 14 and up, give or take.  Because of his neurological quirks Pirate requires a fenced in yard, but honestly Pirate does best with a yard anyway where he can burn off all his energy and get frequent potty breaks as he has trouble holding it for long periods of time – plus he is totally adorable when he gets the zoomies!