Available Dogs


  • Min Pin,
  • male,
  • 7 years,
  • 17 lbs.

Pirate is in fact back, having let us know that he prefers his canine friends to be the type that ignore him and give him space. Busy or bossy friends stress Pirate out, and stress is not Pirate’s friend. What is Pirate’s friend is food . . . he really loves food, and sleeping on the couch, and dancing when he is excited to see you (or when he sees his food dish). Pirate also enjoys his time outside, just not outside in the snow please, he is a warm weather dog. Pirate also likes scratches on his head and ear rubs, but only when he wants them, and not when he does not. Pirate likes snuggling, on his terms, he will sometimes lay next to you and rest his head on your leg and you can scratch his soft little head. But when he is done, he is done. Pirate is a one of a kind guy, seriously. Peppertree has been around for 20 years, and we have never met another dog like him, he is cranky and sweet and smart and spazzy but to know him is to love him, and to love him is to accept him as he is . . . and he is a little, well, odd. Undiagnosed high blood pressure left him with some vision issues, and ataxia, which worsen when he is nervous, and can lead to some odd behaviors – like walking on his front feet. Pirate does not really do walks, he has limited vision and while he does sometimes enjoy a jaunt into the real world, surprises like another dog quickly approaching, or a bike, can send him into a panic, and when he panics he really panics. So, he requires a fenced yard for the sake of his sanity, and for his house training. Pirate also is very sensitive about handling, so he needs a house without stairs (or that can keep him on one floor) because he does not like to be carried. At all. But Pirate does like to work for food, he will solve puzzles to get treats, he loves his snuffle mat, and while he cannot quite manage to maneuver a Kong, he loves licky mats and other frozen treats. Pirate can live with other dogs and even seems to enjoy their company sometimes, but the other dogs need to really get Pirate, and not be bothered by his theatrics. Cats however are perfectly acceptable. Kids are far too unpredictable for Pirate and he does need an adult only home, although he would happily relax in another room with a treat if children do visit./