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Adoption Events On Hold, Dogs Still Available

In light of our current situation Peppertree Rescue is postponing our adoption events until further notice.

However we do still have some wonderful dogs for adoption and would love to help you find your dog.  If there is a dog on our site that interests you the first step is to put in an application here and let us know you are interested in a certain dog on your application.

If you have an application in, please do not hesitate to call us at 518-435-7425 or e-mail us at rescue@peppertree.org when you see a dog you are interested in.

As always our dogs are placed not on a first come first serve basis, but based on who is the best fit for the dog, so while we do encourage you to be proactive it does take time to go through the process and we appreciate your patience as well.

Thank you and stay safe,

The Peppertree Board

Chuck Norris

  • All-American mix,
  • male,
  • 1 year,
  • 35 lbs.

If you like hugs, you’ll love Chuck Norris! This goofy boy is a total lovebug who wants to snuggle with everyone he meets. Kids? Other dogs? No problem! Chuck is a friend to everyone. He shows no hesitation in snuggling up to new people, and he has great fun playing with other polite dogs. Learn More >


  • Lab/terrier? mix,
  • female,
  • 6 years,
  • 50 lbs.
8/12 UPDATE: Nika’s surgery went great and she has been a model patient during the recuperation!
She is once again available for meet and greets.
6/13 UPDATE: Nika will be undergoing surgery soon and will not be available for meet and greets until she is healed. Stay tuned for updates!
While her looks suggest she might be a chocolate lab mix, her personality is more like a regal old soul,

Learn More >


  • German Shepherd mix,
  • male,
  • 9 years,
  • 75 lbs.

Oscar would like to apply for the position of Stay At Home Dog. His skills include letting you know when someone is at the door, being an excellent recipient of butt scratches and belly rubs, sitting in the yard watching the world, and giving you lots and lots of kisses, whether you want them or not. Learn More >


  • Min Pin,
  • male,
  • 8 years,
  • 17 lbs.

Pirate is a very endearing dog. Just do not call him cute, he has the spirit of a Doberman packed into a Min Pin body and wants you to respect his authority. His life work is to keep his home safe. Pirate loves to let you know when someone rings the doorbell, even if the doorbell is on the TV, Learn More >


  • All-American mix,
  • Female,
  • 3 years,
  • 51 lbs.

Ramona is a striking reddish-gold dog with amber eyes and a docked tail. Her joyful running and leaping off-leash in a fenced area are a wonder to behold! Learn More >


  • Shepherd(?) mix,
  • male,
  • 3 years,
  • 55 lbs.

Vito brings the fun! While we can’t be sure of his DNA, we know this boy is an all American mix! He is about 3 years old and quite the leg leaner. Vito is an energetic boy who is into playing outside and exploring. Throw him a ball and he’ll be your best friend.  Learn More >


  • All-American mix,
  • male,
  • ~1 year,
  • 30 lbs.

Meet Winchester the Wonder Dog! Winchester is a happy, playful, and very affectionate boy. He loves to snuggle (watch out for the licks!), play tug, fetch (wow on the jumps) and be a part of whatever activities are on the calendar, particularly if they involve being active! Learn More >