New Beginnings

Penny (formerly known as Cocoabean)

I went to support the adoption clinic at Miller’s Animal Hospital in September. I was not looking for a third dog, as I have two Dachshunds; one I adopted (Molly) and one I rescued (Cocoa-Bean) shortly after I lost my dog Faith and my husband Lou, both in 2009. My dog Darla (English Setter) was so lonely in an empty house without them when I went to work. And so I brought home to her new pals which she enjoyed. She passed away this past April 2017 at the age of 15. She was my husband’s last hunting dog.

Somehow Penny found me. She was recovering from surgery and had this look in her eyes I could not resist. Well… on that very same day she was brought to my house by Amanda to see if she got along with Molly and Cocoa. Not only did they get along, they all bonded very quickly. My family and friends who have met her find it amazing how social and comfortable she is with them in a new environment.

She is a joy and seems as if she has always lived with me.

Helene Gregory

Lucky (aka Elroy)

Lucky brings so much happiness to our home. It’s been so awesome having him here. Lucky sleeps on his bed on our son’s floor at night, he just loves Lucky so much. He is keeping track of how many “Lucky leans” he gets. Lucky gets lots of walks and is my new running partner also. He likes to be close to us and we like it, too. Learn More >


Just wanted to share a little update of Millie as the two month mark of her adoption approaches, although it seems like so much longer, it’s hard to remember what our life was like before her! Millie has adjusted so well, she is up to 45 pounds and is as energetic as ever. She went for what we believe was her first swim (based on her shocked reaction) about a week ago and loved it, Learn More >


Darcy (formerly DeeDee) came to us on Superbowl Sunday, 2013. She is a very kind-hearted, beautiful and wonderful girl. Darcy is very good with our children. Every time we take her out for a long walk we always hear about how beautiful she is and then we get the million dollar question “What kind of dog is she?” Learn More >


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to open our home to Tallulah. She is such a good girl and we love her so much! She fits right in our family perfectly. It’s funny to see how much she acts like our children. When they wake up in the morning, they ask for a few more minutes to sleep. Tallulah does this too! Learn More >


Kisses came to live with us in late June. My husband and I knew from the first evening of visiting her at her foster home that we were right for each other. A 7 year old chocolate Lab, she’s so easy going and undemanding, the perfect dog for an all too indolent older couple. We take easy strolls around the neighborhood, now extending to the woodland trails nearby, perfect for all of us. Learn More >